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Great fan review from Joel Falk

For some reason I missed the notification for this review. Last month I received this superb review and just now I was able to add it. My apologies to the reviewer for my late response. Go read Joel's review by CLICKING HERE

If you want to have your personal review posted about this concert or another please share it

posted: July 27, 2016

Audio bootleg Abbotsfield Canada

I recently received a complete bootleg from the Abbotsfield concert on June 28 in Canada. The audio has some issues but it's the complete concert and one of Meat Loaf's last performances in Canada. I haven't had time to review it but will do so this week.


posted: July 27, 2016

Bootleg DVD's of all 3 Live in Concert legs

I gathered enough material to create a Live in Concert in Canada DVD. It's a complete show with mainly footage from Toronto and some from Ottawa. With this DVD I have the trilogy complete (together with the US legs from 2015 and 2016) All three DVD's contain almost the same set lists. In 2015 Meat played Boneyard and replaced that in 2016 when Justin Avery couldn't tour with them. In the 2nd leg they played Promised Land instead. Canada got Mercury Blues and Hot Patootie.

I will review the DVD later on!
posted: July 27, 2016

Tour announcement on July 25

Meat Loaf mentioned that the tour dates and venues will be announced on July 25. Tickets for the shows will be available on August 5
posted: July 14, 2016

Meat Loaf talks about upcoming tour

Recently Meat Loaf has been a bit active on the Fan forum again. People have been positive about the album and Meat Loaf shared a bit of news on the upcoming tour. It looks like, because of current pain in his back, Meat Loaf will do the promo stuff and start his tour in Europe. It is uncertain if he will tour in the USA again.
posted: July 14, 2016

New album got leaked for few hours

Apple Music made a huge mistake by leaking 'Braver than we Are' on their streaming platform. Meat Loaf's upcoming album, with a September release date, was available for free for several hours on June 23.

It's unclear what this will do in sales for the highly anticipated new album. It seems only die-hard fans found the free stream and it is likely they buy the album anyway.
posted: June 25, 2016

First two songs from Braver than we Are!

Amazon released two songs from the upcoming album for sale. If you live in North America you can download/buy them here.

posted: June 18, 2016

Official statement after Meat Loaf's collapse

As you will all know, Meat collapsed during his concert last night. I'm pleased to tell you he is feeling better now. Meat's FB made the following announcement:

Meat Loaf collapsed Thursday night due to severe dehydration near the end of his concert at the Northern Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

He was admitted to a nearby hospital to undergo routine tests. His vital signs are stable and normal — additional tests are being performed but he is responsive and recovering well.

He extends his heartfelt thanks for everyone's support and well wishes, and is expecting a speedy and full recovery.

Any concert postponements / rescheduled dates will be announced at a later time.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


posted: June 18, 2016

Weird day for Meat Loaf fans

It's a weird day for Meat Loaf fans all over the World.

With the collapse on stage and the big shock that left fans wondering about Meat's health and now the 2 songs that Amazon.Com made available from the new upcoming album, this has been a rollercoaster ride for Meat Loaf's loyal followers.

Thankfully Meat feels much better now and has already posted on his facebook.
posted: June 18, 2016

Track list for new album

Amazon.com has announced the track list for the new Meat Loaf album 'Braver than we are'

Go to THIS LINK for the pre-order


1. Who Needs The Young
2. Going All The Way Is Just The Start
3. Speaking In Tongues
4. Loving You's A Dirty Job
5. Souvenirs
6. Only When I Feel
7. More
8. Godz
9. Skull Of Your Country
10. Train Of Love

posted: June 15, 2016

CD Cover for upcoming Braver than we are album

The CD will be released September 16 and the cover looks like this


posted: June 14, 2016

First confirmed concert date for 2017

From Meat Loaf's facebook we have the confirmation of a concert date. Meat Loaf mentioned before on his Facebook that the concert at the Ahoy in the Netherlands will be his last concert in Europe. Now he called a date! Saturday March 4, 2017.

Holland March 4th 2017 ... I hope you bought more of my records since Bat !! you know there are 14 others out there and we are doing songs off of 13 of them in the Holland show !! all the record I have done have sold almost 100,000 million . M

posted: May 26, 2016

Rectification on 3rd leg set list

From Meat Loaf's facebook we got the next information.

Blind before I stop was not played during the tour. Instead 'Break It' is still in the set list. So the information below was incorrect!
posted: May 26, 2016

Info on the UK/European tour 2017

Meat Loaf has posted some interesting news facts on his facebook.

The first UK show will start on January 14. The final show in Europe will be at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
posted: May 22, 2016

Set List from the third leg of the Live in Concert tours

According to some sources Meat Loaf has slightly changed the set for the current tour. The First show at Northfield Park in Cleveland had a few new songs. Biggest change is that 'Break It' is missing from the set for the first time in 11 years. It is replaced by 'Blind Before I stop'.

At the first leg Meat Loaf played Boneyard which was replaced by Promised Land in the second run. Now Promised Land is replaced by Mercury Blues.

Hot Patootie was added to the set for the show in Cleveland.

Complete set:

Red Light /Lemon
Blind Before I Stop (EDIT: Wrong info. The song was never played. Break It is still in the set)
Took the Words
Dead ringer
Los Angeloser
Giving Tree
Frying Pan
Revved Up
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Bat out of Hell

2 out of 3

Hot Patootie
Anything for Love
Mercury Blues/freebird/All revved

posted: May 21, 2016

10x UK, 2x Ireland, 5x Germany and 1x the Netherlands tour in 2017

After being asked again about a return to Europe/UK, this is what Meat Loaf said on his facebook:

I have written now I don't know how many times , yes 10 shows UK, 2 Ireland, 5 Germany and 1 Holland . So far M

Meat will return to Europe/UK in January/February 2017. Dates and venues will be announced in August.

posted: Apr 17, 2016

1989-1991 Tour dates added

Big thanks to Rodney for sending me new dates from Meat Loaf's past tours. He had some stubs with past tour dates from 1989 till 1991. Thanks to him I was able to add 11 more dates to the already growing list! click HERE for the tour list

posted: Apr 15, 2016

Complete audio bootleg Nashville

Today I received the complete start to finish audio from the Nashville concert from April 11. A very decent recording with some audio mix issues. The complete review can be read in the CD bootleg section. Click Here for the review


posted: Apr 12, 2016

2016 Canada tour dates!

Meat Loaf announced the tour dates for the Canada leg. All tickets go on sale this Friday (April 8)


posted: Apr 6, 2016

2016 bootleg review

Last night I reviewed the 2016 recording from Lynn Auditorium. First boot of the 2016 tour. Not the best quality though.

For the full DVD review click HERE


posted: Mar 28, 2016

Sand Bethlehem show postponed again

Meat posted a facebook message. Flu is really getting to them so they are unfortunate to postpone the show again. New date is now May 25.

Let's hope Meat Loaf and the band feel well soon

posted: Mar 28, 2016

first 2016 DVD bootleg look

Screens from the 2016 bootleg. Video is actually slightly better than the image. Sound is okay-ish. Extended review will be posted later


posted: Mar 27, 2016

first 2016 DVD bootleg surfaces

I received the first (almost complete) bootleg of a 2016 show. From the March 23 show in Massachusetts. It misses just a few songs but has the complete encore including Promised Land. I will review the DVD later tonight and post my thoughts about it.

Also got a few incomplete bootlegs from Texas 2015 and the first show at the Huntington in NY 2016. The first one is just over 43 minutes, the Huntington is just over 39 minutes. Almost similar to the one on YouTube only with a better version of Paradise.

posted: Mar 27, 2016

Meat Loaf confirms: UK and Europe tour deal is set

On his facebook Meat replied to a fan saying that the deal for a tour in the UK and Europe, next year, is made. Meat also said that this will be the very last time he will visit them being almost 70.

Meat also replied to the fan forum of MLUKFC.com stating that the show at the Beacon is off and not the first time they play songs of the new album. It will now be at Radio City.

NO longer at the Beacon , Now Radio City . M

posted: Mar 27, 2016

Live in concert 2016 Set List

I received the set list for the current tour. It's the same show with the same set as the 2015 Live in Tour set with one addition:

PROMISED LAND is now part of the encore!

Complete set list:

Red Light /Lemon
Break It
Took the Words
Los Angeloser
Giving Tree
Frying Pan
Revved Up
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Bat out of Hell

2 out of 3
Anything for Love
Promised Land/freebird/All revved
Mercury Blues (on the set list but will be played on a few shows only)

posted: Mar 15, 2016

DVD Bootleg Mannheim 2007

I finally got the time to review this concert that I received quite some time ago. It contains a rare performance which is always nice to have. For the full DVD review click HERE

posted: Feb 24, 2016

New songs will be performed earliest in September

Answering a fan on facebook, Meat Loaf mentioned that there won't be any songs played during the next tour. His exact words to the question if they gonna play songs from the new album this tour:


Meat Loaf also confirmed that there will be several instore signings where fans can have their copy signed by Meat Loaf. Good news!

posted: Feb 19, 2016

New CD is finished. Release in September

On his facebook Meat Loaf announced the date of the new CD


posted: Feb 19, 2016

New 2015 bootleg DVD

On youtube a new concert showed up from the 2015 tour. It's the almost complete concert from Englewood, NJ. Amazing video. For the DVD review click HERE

To watch the concert click the image below


posted: Feb 12, 2016

NEW 2016 tour dates

More dates from Meat Loaf's 2016 tour:

Mar 12 Tropicana Showroom at Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ
Mar 15 Paramount Huntington, NY
Mar 17 Paramount Huntington, NY
Mar 19 The Wellmont Theater Montclair, NJ
Mar 21 Ulster Performing Arts Center Kingston, NY
Mar 23 Lynn Auditorium Lynn, MA
Mar 26 Sands Bethlehem Event Centre, Allentown, PA
Mar 30 Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield, OH
Apr 01 Heartland Event Center Grand Island, NE
Apr 03 The Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI
Apr 06 Genesee Theatre Waukegan, IL
Apr 09 Lawrenceburg Event Center Lawrenceburg, IN
Apr 11 Schermerhorn Symphony Center Nashville, TN
Apr 14 Pompano Beach Amphitheater Pompano Beach, FL
Apr 16 Bush Gardens Food & Wine Festival Tampa, Fl

posted: Feb 11, 2016

Tour date history updated

Big thanks to George for sending me new dates from Meat Loaf's past tours. Bit by bit this is going to be the most complete tour list of Meat Loaf that is out there If you have dates to add please let me know! click HERE for the tour list

posted: Feb 11, 2016

Tour dates 2016

In March Meat Loaf is starting his new tour. Several dates and venues have been announced and more will follow.

Mar 12 Tropicana Showroom at Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ
Mar 15 Paramount Huntington, NY
Mar 17 Paramount Huntington, NY
Mar 19 The Wellmont Theater Montclair, NJ
Mar 21 Ulster Performing Arts Center Kingston, NY
Mar 23 Lynn Auditorium Lynn, MA
Mar 26 Sands Bethlehem Event Centre, Allentown, PA
Apr 09 Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg, IN
Apr 15 Pompano Beach, FL


posted: Jan 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and the best wishes to you all. As a small celebration I have linked my favorite 3 Meat Loaf video concerts for you to enjoy. Just click the image of the concert!


posted: Dec 24, 2015

More new bootleg DVD reviews

I added reviews and covers for the Dallas 2010, the Phoenix 2015 and the 2015 Tour compilation DVD's.

For the Dallas 2010 review click HERE,

For the PHOENIX 2015 review click HERE

For the 2015 Tour DVD review click HERE


posted: Dec 06, 2015

Tour news: US, Europe and new Last at Bat tour

On his Facebook Meat Loaf has replied to several fans according his touring. With the last tour ending just a few days ago Meat has already planned a new tour. The 2016 tour will start on March 12 and by the time it's June the shows will be arriving to Canada.

Meat also said that he has closed a deal with promoters for a Dublin and Belfast show in October as part of the European tour. So that will happen in the winter of 2016.

Then there is other big Tour news. Again on his Facebook, Meat mentioned in a reply to his fans that 2017 will have a DVD recording for the Last at Bat tour. According to Meat Loaf it was his best tour to date. So it seems the good folk in the U.S. will also get their own Last at Bat tour.

Finally Meat Loaf mentioned that he has some great ideas for the upcoming tour. He mentioned that he never thought he could top the Last at Bat shows but with his current plan he is confident this tour will be even better.

posted: Nov 24, 2015

Braver than we are CD news

According to Meat Loaf on his facebook the new CD will have only Jim Steinman songs. There will however be an exclusive-to-wallmart bonus CD with 4 non Steinman songs.

posted: Nov 24, 2015

Still shocked by the terror that struck Paris!

Like many people in the World I was shocked by the terrorist attack on Friday the 13th in Paris. So many innocent and so many young people lost their lives. 3 days after this horrible event I'm still lost for words. And I had no idea how to express my feelings to this website. Then Paul Crook posted this picture on his facebook. It's of the Meat Loaf stage just a few hours before the concert on the 14th.


posted: Nov 16, 2015

Glimpse of new 2015 DVD bootleg

Just a quick peak of what the upcoming boot is going to look like. As I mentioned earlier it will contain the entire show of the current Live Tour. The DVD contains about 100 minutes of footage with different video sources from different concerts. With one good audio source. Unfortunately security was tight during this tour so I did my best with the material available. It's a work in progress as I still hope to find some better video material in the next week.


posted: Nov 14, 2015

Some news on Friday the 13th

Suiting this day it's mostly less good news...

Meat Loaf's tour lasts for another full week but I can tell already that there will be a full concert bootleg with video from different shows. It won't be as good as the LAB or Hang Cool DVD though. But it will be complete.

It looks more and more that the Christmas album is not going to happen. Meat responded to a fan on his facebook.

Meat Loaf also explained once again to a fan in South Africa that nobody wants to book him there. So a South African tour is not going to happen.

Meat loves Australia but after his last experience there, a return seems slim.

posted: Nov 13, 2015

Positive review concert from October 31st.

A nice and positive review by Dean from the Marksville concert from October 31st. You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

If you want to have your personal review posted about this concert or another please share it

posted: Nov 2, 2015

New Dallas 2010 audio and DVD bootleg

This weekend I received the complete audio recording from the 2010 concert at the House of Blues in Dallas. The audio has issues but it made an (almost) complete video bootleg possible. For the DVD review click HERE


posted: Nov 1, 2015

Another review from Grand Prairie concert 28-10-2015

You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

If you want to tell your personal review about this concert or another please share it

posted: Oct 31, 2015

Grand Prairie Bootleg

Received the complete concert from Grand Prairie, Texas today. Skipped through it and sound seems very decent. It's the first complete concert bootleg of this tour as the Arizona one missed 2 songs. Review will be posted later.


01 Intro
02 Runnin' for the Red Light (I Gotta Life)
03 Life Is a Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
04 If It Ain't Broke, Break It
05 You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
06 Dead Ringer for Love
07 Los Angeloser
08 The Giving Tree
09 Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)
10 All Revved Up With No Place to Go
11 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
12 Bat Out of Hell
13 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
14 I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
15 Boneyard
16 Freebird
17 All Revved Up With No Place to Go

posted: Oct 31, 2015

Visitor's review from Grand Prairie concert 28-10-2015

Unfortunately a pretty negative review from a visitor of the last concert. If you want to share your personal review about this concert or another please share it. You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

posted: Oct 29, 2015

Visitor's review from San Diego concert 23-10-2015

Another great review from someone who visited a concert of this tour. Dave Booker wrote a review about the San Diego concert. You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

posted: Oct 24, 2015

Audio bootleg Arizona 18-10-2015

With the earlier mentioned DVD bootleg also comes the audio one. 14 of the 16 songs on this 75 minute audio CD. For more info check the CD bootleg page by clicking HERE


posted: Oct 22, 2015

First look at the bootleg of the Arizona concert

So, there is a bootleg of Arizona. I watched it last night. Video is poor. Audio is actually okay. Almost complete as well, missing just 2 songs (Frying Pan and Los Angeloser). Bootleg is 75 minutes. Complete concert, assumingly was 90 minutes, so it just misses 15 minutes of footage. Anyway, this will be posted in the review section this weekend but it won't get more than 2 stars. Set of the bootleg and screen images below.

Set list*
Runnin' For The Red Light
Life Is A Lemon
Break It
Took The Words
Dead Ringer
Giving Tree
All Revved Up
Bat Out Of Hell
Two Out Of Three
Anything For Love
Freebird Jam (partial)
All Revved Up - Reprise


posted: Oct 21, 2015

First bootleg of the Arizona concert

I haven't reviewed it yet but there is a first bootleg with 1 hour of footage from the concert of October 18. I will review it later this week and post some info and screens here

posted: Oct 19, 2015

Album postponed again. Concerts update for 2016

On his facebook page Meat Loaf informed his fans that the album is yet again postponed. It won't get the March release but is pushed back to a September 2016 release instead. According to Meat Loaf this has to do with production delays because the wife of Paul Crook has health issues. The news of the postponed album might upset some fans but there is also good news about the tours:

Message for all we still have work to do on the record , Paul's wife got really sick and still is ,so we wish her well, he had to leave a month early. OK, Now ... We are planning a 5 week run in March, 2 weeks off then a 6 week run till June 10th . So we will be in many of you cities . I am reading and listening to you . Record CO. wanted to put out it out June 1st , I have been doing this along time. June 1st is a bad time. So we moved it till Sept . We get tons of set up and a tons of Promo. Trying to talk Jjm into doing Radio interviews . He is very funny . I sure he will. Then we should be in Europe in Nov. till about Dec. 22nd. If the shows are there we will go back in Jan. Then a big summer Tour with some of the New songs in the set . June 2016 till my Birthday 2016. Just an update . Nothing is every written in stone but those at the plans at the moment. M


posted: Oct 18, 2015

First concert review from the Albuquerque New Mexico show

We received a first review of the concert from October 16. The reviewer, Glen Miller, gave a fair and honest impression of their evening at the Rout 66 Casino.

You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

posted: Oct 17, 2015

First show from Albuquerque New Mexico

Meat Loaf played his first show last night in New Mexico. What I understand there were some minor technical issues that will be resolved for the rest of the tour but overall it was received with many positive reactions.

Set list

Runnin' For The Red Light
Life Is A Lemon
Break It
Took The Words
Dead Ringer
Los Angeloser
Giving Tree
Frying Pan
All Revved Up
Bat Out Of Hell
Two Out Of Three
Anything For Love
Freebird Jam
All Revved Up - Reprise

posted: Oct 17, 2015

New concert date added for 2015 tour

Meat Loaf has added a new date for a concert. He will play in New Brunswick, NJ on November 9, 2015.


posted: Sep 21, 2015

Meat Loaf considers U.K. / Europe run for 2016 tour

Despite earlier messages about the concert tour for 2016, Meat Loaf recently stated on facebook, in a reply to a fan, that he changed his mind and is in fact doing a tour in Europe and the U.K.

posted: Sep 21, 2015

Great new review from 1978

We received a great review from a unique 1978 concert experience by a fan called Les Noland. You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

posted: Sep 21, 2015

Great new review from 1978

We received a great review from a unique 1978 concert experience by a fan called Les Noland. You can read it by CLICKING HERE for the REVIEWS PAGE

posted: Sep 21, 2015

Keep updated with Meat Loaf's facebook page

Busy times for Meat Loaf fans. Meat Loaf seems very hyped and happy with everything going on with the new album. The US tour for October/November is about to kick off in a month. Meat is constantly updating his facebook pages with hot news and there is plenty of interaction with his fans on facebook.

In the item below from September 5, I quoted Meat Loaf from his facebook page talking about the UK. That message seems to be gone now. I don't know if that means that Meat Loaf is changing his mind or that he just go tired of the negative comments he got. Fact is that there is so much positive things going on in the Meat Loaf universe that it's a shame some are focusing on, what they consider, negative.

For the frequent visitor to this website, please keep in mind that this news/update page gathers snippets of information to give you a summed up idea of what's going on in the Meat Loaf universe. If you want to keep updated completely with information out of Meat Loaf's own camp, make sure to visit the official Meat Loaf facebook page ! It contains all the latest on the upcoming album, the upcoming tour and the preparation for the long 2016 summer tour. With many personal messages from Meat Loaf himself!

posted: Sep 8, 2015

Meat Loaf explains: No UK tour, no West End shows

Meat Loaf has stated again that he will not do another tour in the UK and Ireland. According to Meat Loaf he won't be able to top the Last at Bat tour from 2013. He also replied to a question about the West End shows that would be in the style of his Las Vegas concerts. Meat Loaf says the West End tickets would be too expensive and that's the reason they will not happen.

Although some fans may be disappointed by this news, Meat Loaf also stated that he will be in the UK to promote the new album, maybe with some in store signings.

To my friends in the UK and Ireland
I am going to write this again I have written it at least a 1000 times by now. There is a very very slim chance we will every do a show in the UK again. The chances are 95% against me every doing another show there . "THE LAST BAT " TOUR was great I can not top that show . I love you all very much , and will always be grateful , for you friendship , for your loyalty and the joy you brought to the Music. I send this message From, Jim, all the band members I have played with , And Me . Thank you with all my Heart .

100% there will never be another tour. Don't forget the new Album will be out in March and I will be in the UK for Promo and most likely some in store signings.


posted: Sep 5, 2015

Another 1994 DVD bootleg

I Stumbled on a new DVD bootleg from the 1994 Philadelphia show. It's the complete concert with great picture quality. Unfortunately the audio is a bit of a letdown. You can read the full review in the DVD bootleg section by clicking HERE


posted: Sep 5, 2015

News on 2016 Summer tour

On his facebook page . Meat mentions that he will do a 4 month summer tour in 2016. But it seems that Europe will have a few outside concerts, if any, this time. Meat also states he wants to return to Australia. Hoping to bring them the Last at Bat tour.

I am hoping we can bring "LAST AT BAT " TO AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA . IT IS SUCH A GREAT SHOW . THAT'S WHY I AM VERY hesitant to tour the UK again . I can't top that tour . A show or 2 in the UK maybe as part of short european outdoor tour . Is possible , Have to see what the agent comes up with . WE are starting now on seeing what we can do.


posted: Sep 4, 2015


The album is delayed by a year. Meat Loaf has explained what happened on his facebook page .

The album is a year late . No one knew what was going on. I had major Back surgery . Told me I would be in the Hosiptal 3 days . I was in the Hospital for 17days . Since then I have had 4 out patient surgeries on my back . 3 months of rehab. Couldn't sing because it hurt to sing. Now we are with in days of Finishing the Record . Of course I am going to say it is amazing , but I should . Jim has been with us the whole time . Not in Person but through e-mail and sending him tracks . I am so Happy to be doing Jim songs I can't even start to tell you. There are a couple of non -Jim songs That the record co. wanted . They wanted more but I put my foot down and said no way . This is really a Jim and Meat record .That is the reason we were late getting it out . It's a bitch being old . For those of you who Know music . I hit an F# today . That is a high note, dude . I don't think I have every hit a note on a record that high before.

This record is very different , a lot of things that Jim has kept hidden . It was time to do the songs . The opening Track , I think will leave your mouth hanging open . It's like nothing anyone does.
I am singing on the new record with Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito.

had to have 4 out patient back surgeries. It delayed the record again . We are close now to being done . It will be out in March of 2016 . Yes ,I know a year Late . Like they say better late than never . It also allowed us to add some new Jim material which has never been heard. So all is good . Jim is very happy at the moment and if Jim is happy so am I.


posted: Sep 3, 2015

Meat Loaf Live in Concert 2015 tour

Meat Loaf is doing a short, 5 week tour in the U.S. and Canada from mid October until the end of November. Dates and venues can be found in the Tours list. So far 14 dates have been announced

Meat Loaf said he will not perform any songs of the upcoming album. It's unknown what will be in the set list this tour. We have to wait until the first show


posted: Sep 3, 2015

Back from holidays

Well, after some deserved vacation it's time to get the website updated again. Lots of stuff happened recently including Meat Loaf's new tour, news about the album and more.

posted: Sep 3, 2015

Meat Loaf album postponed. New release 2016

It's almost certain that the new record ”Braver Than We Are” is coming in the first quarter of 2016. There are also rumors that the album will be supported with a world wide tour.

posted: July 1, 2015

Meat Loaf concerts are cancelled

Close after we announced the Niagara Casino date we got a message that the show was being postponed. Now the following message received us:

From the RIVEREDGE facebook account


We were just notified that MEAT LOAF has canceled his 2015 summer tour. As a result, we are forced to cancel his August 23 date at RiverEdge Park. If you purchased tickets to MEAT LOAF’s show, the box office will contact you within the next 48 hours to complete your full ticket refund. Thanks for your patience, music fans.

posted: May 2, 2015

And another concert date added: Seneca Niagara Casino

Dates for the Meat Loaf tour keep coming. This time for Seneca Niagara Casino on August 14.

posted: April 30, 2015

SECOND CONCERT DATE: Meat Loaf to perform in Illinois

Meat Loaf has joined the Illinois State Fair Grandstand lineup. He will headline the concert Wednesday, Aug. 19. Read the article HERE

With the show in Aurora on August 23 this is the second confirmed concert that Meat Loaf will give.

posted: April 29, 2015

FIRST CONCERT DATE: Meat Loaf to perform in Aurora

Meat Loaf has committed himself to perform at the Aurora's Downtown RiverEdge Park, on August 23, according to This article from the Daily Herald

It's the first announced date for a Meat Loaf concert since the Vegas shows last year. With the new album being released in September, it's very likely that a few of the new songs will be played during this show.  Meat Loaf stated earlier in 2014 that he would do a few concerts in the U.S. in the late summer of 2015. With the concert in Aurora it seems Meat is keeping word and giving the U.S. crowd a chance to see him for one last time.

If and when new dates are announced we will post them on this website for your convenience.

posted: April 17, 2015

Meat Loaf's new CD announced

Meat Loaf posted the picture below on his facebook page

According to some people the album is set for a release date on Friday 18th of September 2015.   


posted: Mar 09, 2015

Meat Loaf's BBC Documentary

Last Friday, BBC television aired a brand new documentary called: Meat Loaf: In and Out of Hell. Although the documentary didn't really show anything new it was still nice to see Meat Loaf in the spotlight again. The only 'new information' is that Meat Loaf confirmed that 'Who Needs the Young' is one of the 8 Steinman songs on the new and upcoming CD. Also the BBC showed about 2 minutes of Las Vegas footage during the documentary. We can only hope they saved the rest for a 60 or 90 minute TV registration of the Rocktellz and Cocktails concert.

The documentary is available on different Torrent sites and YouTube.  


posted: Jan 10, 2015

Tour Dates added

Got some new dates from the Tour List. So I updated that one. Please people, contact me if you have info on dates from concerts that are missing from THIS LIST!

posted: Oct 17, 2014

Blu-Ray info added

Included info on my Blu-Ray discs from 3 Bats and the Guilty Pleasure tour. 3 Bats is a fantastic HD transfer. Too bad the concert wasn't fantastic. Guilty Pleasure was a great concert but the HD content is rather poor with much video noise and bad contrast. Sound on both discs is fantastic though. More can be found on the official DVD page by clicking HERE.


posted: Oct 17, 2014

What's new!

It's been a bit quiet around Meat Loaf recently. So not much to tell. Meat is working on the new album, he is planning some shows at the London West End, which seems to be similar to the Vegas shows. And there will be a U.S. tour to promote the upcoming album. All of this will happen in 2015. Apparently the BBC recorded a show from Vegas, but there has been no information if and when they will broadcast this. If it's aired it will be likely to promote Meat Loaf's West End run.

posted: Oct 4, 2014

New bootleg update!

This update is long overdue. I've been extremely busy for the last months so the website was a bit neglected. Yet here is a minor update on some bootleg material. I added the Sydney concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a Bat 2 show from Nurnberg Germany. Info on both concerts can be found on the CD bootleg page by clicking HERE


posted: Oct 4, 2014

Write your own concert review!

Now you have the opportunity to add your own review of a Meat Loaf concert. You can post a review from any Meat Loaf concert you visited, watched on TV, video, DVD or BluRay. Even if you saw a concert on a bootleg disc.

Share your thoughts on Meat's performance from the past and/or present. All reviews will be posted on this website. So give me your honest opinion!

You can find the review button on the left of the navigation index. Or you can push the button below



posted: Jun 4, 2014

Meet Simone! Meat Loaf's BIGGEST fan!

Please take your time to watch this video of Simone. She is a beautiful and inspiring woman AND Australia's biggest Meat Loaf fan. This is her unbelievable story!



  If you want to help people with the same condition as Simone, you can always make a donation to the
by clicking the banner.

posted: Jun 2, 2014

US tour confirmed but West End shows are in doubt

Recently Meat Loaf mentioned they would bring Vegas to the West End in London. But with his latest message on his Facebook page it seems that things aren't that certain

"Meat Loaf: There will be one more tour of the US in the summer of 2015 .. Then if we can work it out, and I still can bring the energy , drive , and make it a great show like this one . I will bring The Vegas show to the WEST END in London. M"

There are many 'ifs' in that last line. At least the US tour in the summer of next year seems good to go. As for other shows, at this moment, we can only hope for the best.

posted: May 22, 2014

At least 4 more bootlegs to be reviewed this week

Apart from the Last at Bat bootlegs, I also received some other bootlegs I still have to review. This week I will review the audio of the Sydney concert from 2004 (with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) which is a great bootleg. Also the audio bootleg from the 1994 concert in Nurnberg, Germany. This is another fine 'Bat 2' bootleg. And I have two -incomplete- DVD's I have to review. One is a concert at Wembley Arena,from December 18, 2003. And the other is from Mannheim, Germany from October 22, 2007. That was one of the last '3 Bats' shows, before Meat had to cancel the tour because of illness.

posted: May 18, 2014

Last at Bat complete audio bootleg set from German shows

I received the audio bootleg from Hamburg and Munchen recently. Which makes my German collection of the Last at Bat shows complete. And amazingly enough all the bootlegs sound very good. Also, the German shows seem better than most of the shows in the U.K. Where Meat was still working to perfect the shows during the early UK tour, Germany got an oiled machine. And when Meat got back to the UK after his German/Dutch concerts his voice started to wore out and Meat looked tired at the end. So Germany got the best of this tour and you can clearly hear it on these amazing bootlegs. Short reviews of the Hamburg and Munchen audio can be found on the CD bootleg page by clicking HERE


posted: May 18, 2014

Tour dates updated

I added a few dates to the Tours list thanks to the help of several fans. If you have a concert date that is not on the list, please e-mail me so I can add it.

posted: May 16, 2014

More new bootleg reviews soon

Well, thanks to a few fans I've received some new material. I've got some audio bootlegs and some (incomplete) video bootlegs to review. I can say that I received a nice audio bootleg from the Sydney concert in 2004 which I enjoyed tremendously. Anyway a lot of time and effort went into the Royal Albert Hall DVD and I haven't been feeling well for some time so the reviews will be posted somewhere in the upcoming weeks!

posted: Apr 20, 2014

Royal Albert Hall DVD bootleg

Well, thanks to a lot of fans there finally is a DVD of the Royal Albert Hall concert. It took quite some work to create but this has 80 minutes of the Best of Meat Loaf! For more info Go to the DVD bootleg list by clicking HERE


posted: Apr 18, 2014

Meat Loaf at the Royal Albert Hall

If you ask people what they did on October 16 in 2006, most won't have a clue. If you ask the same question to a die hard Meat Loaf fan, the lucky ones will smile and say they were there when Meat Loaf rocked the Royal Albert Hall!
I wasn't there but according to the people who were, it was a magical night. Fans from different countries gathered to witness this One-Night event in London. It was part of the 'Bases are Loaded' concert tour. Which was a very short 'Pre-3 Bats' tour and this particular night Meat Loaf was performing one of his best shows. In fact Meat Loaf considers this one of his 3 best shows ever! The 100 minute concert had the best of all Bat albums and started with hits from Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell 2. After the interval Meat played songs from the upcoming Bat 3 album. This show was nothing like the 3 Bats tour and with people literally hanging on the stage it had a very intimate feeling.

Unfortunately there has never been a concert registration of this amazing evening. I know there are some professional videos taken from this show but not the entire concert. And the video that does exist is somewhere hidden in a vault.


posted: Apr 8, 2014

Meat Loaf will tour the USA one more time. Vegas on TV

Source: MLUKFC.com

Meat Loaf has a lot going on recently. Yet another run on Vegas, then he will take the show to London's West End and he's doing a new movie with Whoopie Goldberg. In between they are recording vocals for the upcoming album. Looks like Meat Loaf fans will get spoiled with plenty of new material for a while!

VEGAS STARTS AGAIN MAY 6TH TILL JUNE 23RD , THEN SEPT 25TH TILL NOV 26TH ... filming for LONDON WEST END show should start in Jan of 2015 . I am writing the script ! Oh Yes we are going on tour for the Last time in the USA summer of 2015 . Don't ask where we are going ,I have no idea . Sorry we can't do last at Bat we have to have a strong opening act for those Numbers !! The only Place we can do last at Bat is Australia . I don't believe that will happen because ,the show I'm doing in Vegas is going to the WEST End . It is just to good . By the way just got My 60th film with Whoopie Goldberg .


Earlier Meat Loaf mentioned that the Vegas show is being recorded in May for a BBC special!

posted: Apr 6, 2014

30 Years SPINAL TAP and how it influenced Meat Loaf

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Spinal Tap. 'This is Spinal Tap' is my favorite Mock-Rockumentary ever made and has influenced a lot of people in the music industry and beyond. Meat Loaf has been one of them!

You can check out Meat Loaf's quotes on the YEAH! website, where YEAH! has also made their version (like pop-up video but for movies) of the classic movie available at absolutely no cost until April 11!

All I can say it's a MUST SEE! Unfortunately the contend is only available for the people in the U.S. but YEAH was kind enough to share Meat Loaf's quote with us about the influence Spinal Tab has had on him



Spinal Tap has always been on our tour bus. It is almost the true story of every rock band. Chris Guest is one of the most creative and funniest people I know, along with Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. I now don't care if my meat is too big for my bread, I will go on and be a professional, and I've made sure all my amps go to 11.


Their harmonies at Elvis' grave and when Harry Shearer got caught in his pod. The third, which I still cry over, is Stonehenge. P.S. Hello, Cleveland!

For more info about Spinal Tap visit the website http://www.yeahtv.com/spinaltap/tribute

posted: Mar 26, 2014

Audio bootleg from Frankfurt 2007

And then there was the audio bootleg of the 2007 Frankfurt concert. Audio was ripped from the DVD.


posted: Mar 21, 2014

DVD bootleg from Frankfurt 2007

With all the new stuff going on it's always nice to find some older material. This time from the 3 Bats tour. It's the complete concert from Frankfurt, Germany. Although it's a bootleg taken from the back of the venue, it sounds clear! For more info go to the Go to the DVD bootleg list by clicking HERE


posted: Mar 17, 2014

Braver Than We Are album news Part 2

Jim Steinman will be responsible for some of the production. Also, Meat is re-recording the song Prize Fight Lover, which was a download bonus song for the album Hang Cool Teddy Bear.
Oh Jim, is taking on some of the producer roles, with ideas and all his insight. Not day to day like Paul (Crook) but Jim is really involved !!

Prize fight lover is on the album !!!

Source: MLUKFC.com

Apart from the Jim Steinman songs there will also be 1 song from Robby Benson (Karla deVito's husband),
2 songs by Sean McConnell and 3 songs by Rick Brantley

Expected release date is February 2015

posted: Mar 14, 2014

Braver Than We Are album news Part 1

Although the album is called 'Braver Than We Are' the same song will not be under that title on the album. The song has been rearranged, new lyrics and another title.
Some of the Lyrics have changed and the song , now has a different Title.

It's a different title and much better than what you know as "Braver Than we Are " Be open and don't get locked in !! learn to grow and learn !! Don't be stuck in a hole !! WOW !! Change is good !!

It's Karla, Ellen and me singing the song !! That alone make it a classic . You have been listening to it as a Broadway arrangement . Forget That version !!!
Source: MLUKFC.com

posted: Mar 14, 2014

Meat Loaf returns to Vegas in September 2014

Meat Loaf announced that he will return for a third time to Vegas to do his Rocktellz and Cocktails show.

posted: Mar 14, 2014

More news on the new album

New album called

"Braver Than we Are"

Not the song you think it is . Karla and and Ellen are singing with me on that track !! 2nd song in !! We are doing a Cover sort of of "MORE" Sisters of Mercy .. Jims is writing some new lyrics for it and it will Rock .. Don't know how many heard Jim's Demo of the song but very different than "SOM" I had to send the Demo to Jim ,very Funny, He went crazy when he heard it , quote' "That's the best thing I ever produced "
Source: MLUKFC.com

posted: Mar 06, 2014

New Bootlegs

Added 2 new bootleg DVD's today. One is the complete Last at Bat show, with amazing sound and video. Second is the TV episode of 'Don't Forget the Lyrics'. Go to the DVD bootlegs by clicking HERE


posted: Mar 06, 2014

New album title

Meat Loaf and co have changed the work title of the album 'Brave and Crazy' into the much better "Braver Than We Are". Which of course is one of the Jim Steinman songs that will be on the album, that is expected for release in 2015

posted: Feb 22, 2014

6 Steinman songs on upcoming album

According to Meat Loaf there will be 6 Jim Steinman songs on the upcoming album 'Brave and Crazy' There will be a total of 14 songs on the new album.

"IT is a great record !!!! M "

posted: Feb 16, 2014

Meat Loaf may visit South Africa, Poland and Russia in 2015

Meat Loaf announced following on his facebook page:

WE might do 2 to 5 of shows in the UK in 2015, the O2, Manchester, and Edinburgh, Scotland . Before going to Poland and Russia. Then South America and do the "Last at bat tour" in Australia. Also more shows in Vegas.

posted: Feb 16, 2014

Dallas 1994 Bootleg CD

Searching the web I found this concert from 1994. It's almost complete, missing two songs and some talk. It was just recently uploaded by someone called 'smores'.  


posted: Jan 23, 2014

Images from Vegas

To celebrate the new year we have some pictures from Meat's Vegas shows for you and the confirmation that Meat Loaf will be continuing the Rocktellz shows in Vegas between February 13 and April 8.


posted: Jan 04, 2014


Happy New Year from the MLE team! We hope it will be a healthy and joyful year for you all!

We hope to bring you great news about an upcoming brand-new bootleg site. When we learn more about it, it will be announced right here!

As for Meat Loaf, 2014 will give us the new album 'Brave and Crazy' with several songs written by Jim Steinman. Meat will also continue his Vegas shows in 2014 and maybe he will visit Australia for the last time. Unfortunately it looks like Meat Loaf will not do a Last at Bat show in the US.

posted: Jan 01, 2014

Some new bootlegs added

Thanks to a few great fans I was able to add some more audio bootlegs to my collection. I am very pleased with the 1977 Old Waldorf concert I received. I only had 2 songs from that show and never expected to get the full concert! Also added the 2013 Newmarket show to my list. Reviews can be read in the CD reviews list by clicking HERE


posted: Oct 19, 2013

Don't shoot the messenger - Meat Loaf's angry speech

That Newmarket CD brings me to something completely different. Although I am extremely busy (some of you may have noticed because I haven't had time to reply to all your e-mails recently - which I will do... eventually) there have been almost a couple of dozen e-mails about Meat Loaf's speech at the end of the Newmarket bootleg DVD.

I have no clue where this is coming from but it seems some of you got upset about Meat Loaf's speech, where he talked about the lady that wrote a bad review and Meat wanting to visit her to smash her with a Bat. Some of the e-mails I received sounded quite mad.

First of all, I am not Meat loaf, I don't write his speeches and I have no influence in any of those things. I can agree that Meat Loaf  looked and sounded frustrated. Although it may not have been the best taste of humor, I'm sure it was meant in a 'funny' way.

That said, there might have been another reason for this 'outburst'. Even on his fan forum Meat Loaf received a lot of heat because of the Patti Russo situation. As I mentioned earlier, quite a few Meat fans are actually also Patti fans. And they criticized Meat loaf for not telling the fans that Patti was fired by him (or at least not present at the show). Patti had been fired by e-mail a month before the Newmarket show. And fans have been very vocal about their thoughts on this.

Meat Loaf took this quite personal and perhaps that explains he starts his speech -his time to vent- with "You are my friends, right? And friends always just listen and agree with you." Anyway, the rest of the speech sounded bitter and angry and the e-mails I received showed that (some of) you weren't that charmed by it. I appreciate your opinion but I have no part in anything Meat Loaf does or says. This is just a fan-site and I have no relations whatsoever with Meat Loaf.

I am sure that Meat Loaf is in a complete different 'zone' right now, being happy with his Vegas shows. But if you are still upset by his words, try to contact him on his facebook.

posted: Oct 19, 2013

No Christmas CD this year, possible TV registration of Vegas show

Meat Loaf's Christmas album is still not in the making. Since 2011 there have been interviews where Meat is mentioning the 'Hot Holidays' album but so far Meat Loaf is too busy with the Vegas shows and after that working on the 'Brave and Crazy' album (with songs from Jim Steinman). Perhaps even followed with a few shows at London's West End and a continuation in Vegas. So the Christmas album, if it's going to happen, will be out earliest in December 2014.

During one of the Vegas shows Meat Loaf mentioned that producers are considering to tape the show for a possible TV special in January 2014. But as always, nothing is certain or confirmed. So we can just wait

posted: Oct 18, 2013

Very mixed reviews on Vegas show

Meat is having his "Rocktellz & Cocktails" shows in Vegas but reviews are very mixed. The Meat Loaf fans enjoy the show but the 'ordinary' crowd sound more disappointed.

According to many the Q&A session feels staged and phony, with one reviewer claiming a woman got in halfway during the show just to ask a question. Also Meat's voice gets lot of critics from the casino crowd and the show itself is called dull and plain for a Vegas performance.

On the other hand Meat fans call it a real Vegas treat with acrobats and clowns at the first five minutes. A quick and funny Meat Loaf show with plenty of fun anecdotes. The only real upset by some of the fans seem to be the female singers. But then again, Meat fans are known for there loyalty to Patti Russo, who got fired prior to the Vegas shows.

Set list:
Runnin' for the Red Light/Life is a Lemon
Dead Ringer
Out of the Frying Pan
Hot Patooti/Time Warp
Anything for Love
Took the words
All Revved Up
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Bat out of Hell

posted: Oct 06, 2013

Review on Munchen DVD

The Munchen DVD has been graded and reviewed. You can read the review by clicking HERE


posted: Sep 15, 2013

New Last at Bat Bootleg DVD's

Birmingham and Munchen are on DVD now. The Birmingham concert has probably the least quality of all the Last at Bat bootlegs with average video and not the best audio. The Munchen or Munich concert has great video and decent audio. With Stuttgart and Frankfurt this one fits between the best of the LAB bootlegs. You gotta love those Germans!

At this point over half of this tour's concerts have an audio and/or video bootleg. A very good score for a great tour. Missing from my list are Nottingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Cardiff, Hamburg, Belfast and Dublin. Also looking for video of Oberhausen and Berlin.

posted: Sep 15, 2013

Possible DVD recording from Vegas show

On the UK fan forum Meat posted a message that the producers of the Vegas show "Rocktellz & Cocktails" mentioned the possibility of filming the show. This doesn't mean it actually happens as it's too far away for an official confirmation. Yet the thought is one many fans are hoping for. Surely to be continued...

posted: Aug 22, 2013

Birmingham and Oberhausen audio bootleg review

Well I had time to finally listen to the two audio bootlegs that were in my shelf for some time. A great show from Oberhausen with very nice audio. This was the last ever Meat Loaf concert in Germany/ And there is the show from Birmingham. Audio on that one is just below average and has some distortions. The show itself is very similar to the concert from London. It was recorded just two days after that show in London.  For more on the CD reviews click HERE


posted: Aug 22, 2013

Newmarket bootleg DVD review

The review of the Newmarket DVD has been posted and can be read by clicking HERE


posted: Aug 21, 2013

Newmarket on bootleg DVD and CD

That was quick. The Newmarket show has been bootlegged (well partially by several different people, combined the entire show) on Video and Audio! Reviews will follow later. 

posted: Aug 20, 2013

Newmarket or Newbury video/audio wanted

Did you tape one of the concerts on video or audio? We are very interested in your recording. Please contact us at our site e-mail ad@meatloafexperience.com

posted: Aug 17, 2013

Patti Russo says she got fired by e-mail

From Patti's facebook page:
I received an email in late July, informing me that I had been terminated. There is nothing else to say except THANK YOU ALL, again, so VERY much, for cheering me on and following me these past two decades. It has been a TRUE honor and pleasure to perform in front of each and every one of you.
As soon as I know which direction this next phase of my life will be heading, I promise to tell you all know!!!
Lotsa Love Always,

posted: Aug 17, 2013

Last at Bat from Oberhausen and Birmingham bootlegs

Got the bootleg from the German show from Oberhausen from May 8, 2013. Complete show. Review will be up soon. Also have the complete Birmingham audio. Reviews of this one will also follow soon. In the end almost all the Lat at Bat shows got bootlegged.

posted: Aug 17, 2013

Set list of the 'Newmarket' show, no Patti Russo.

Today (August 16, 2013) Meat Loaf played his first of two shows at the horse races. Today it was the show at Newmarket. Meat played a great set. The band was complete with the exception of Patti Russo. Instead Meat Loaf had a 'double-blonde' surprise...

set list:
Runnin' for the Red Light
Life is a Lemon
Dead Ringer
Break it!
Hot Patootie
Took the words
Living on the Outside
Out of the Frying Pan
Anything for Love
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Bat out of Hell
All Revved up

posted: Aug 16, 2013

"Rocktellz & Cocktails"; Meat Loaf's Vegas shows for 2013 confirmed!

Today the official confirmation has been made for Meat Loaf's shows in Vegas. This message was posted on Meat's Facebook page:
We're so excited to finally be able to confirm Meat Loaf's residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for 2013. Rocktellz & Cocktails will run from Sept 26 - Nov 5 with shows every Tues, Thurs & Sat. Tickets go on sale this Friday Aug 2nd.

Although this is great news the tickets are (typical Vegas) expensive:

US $155.00 - US $756.00
US $155.00 Ticket + US $33.75 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $188.75 US $756.00 Ticket + US $107.95 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $863.95

US $75.00 - US $155.00
US $75.00 Ticket + US $19.85 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $94.85 US $155.00 Ticket + US $33.75 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $188.75

US $115.00 - US $155.00
US $115.00 Ticket + US $26.80 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $141.80 US $155.00 Ticket + US $33.75 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $188.75

US $95.00
US $95.00 Ticket + US $24.30 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $119.30

US $75.00
US $75.00 Ticket + US $19.85 Fees/Additional Taxes =
US $94.85

posted: Jul 31, 2013

NO USA Tour! Asia tour still in planning

Meat Loaf confirmed on facebook that the Asian tour is still in the making. But there won't be an American tour. Still the Last at Bat shows are going to New York City!

From Meat's Facebook page:
I'm sorry but no we are not touring anymore. We have really stopped touring. We will be in Vegas for 6 weeks Starting Sept. 25th. The only touring we will be doing will be in Asia. Then in 2014 we will be back in Vegas and if not there we are going to sit down in New York City for several weeks with the "Last at Bat" show .

Sorry Meat

posted: Jun 06, 2013

Final Bat at Manchester DVD review

I posted my review of the latest Meat Loaf bootleg DVD, from his final UK show in Manchester. In case you're interested you can go to the DVD bootlegs by clicking HERE


 posted: Jun 03, 2013

What a trilogy!

The first show in Germany, the only show in the Netherlands and the final show of the tour from the U.K. on 3 great bootlegs. What an amazing Last at Bat trilogy to have!


 posted: Jun 03, 2013

Meat Loaf farewell concert on DVD bootleg

Last at Bat must have been one of the most bootlegged Meat Loaf tours. What was missing was the final show in Manchester. But it is here now! Maybe not the best performance but a strong and emotional show nonetheless. Quality wise it is fair with overall great video quality and ok sound.

Apart from this bootleg, I also got my hands on 2 incomplete DVD bootlegs from Hamburg and Munchen (80 and 100 minutes). All in all a nice collection of Meat's very successful Farewell Tour!

(Screens from the Manchester show:)


 posted: Jun 02, 2013

Meat Loaf talks about possible 'Last at Bat' DVD

From Meat's Facebook page:
Ok !!! We did not shoot a DVD of the "Last At Bat Tour" on the UK Tour. there were several production co's. That had interest but they came in too late . You have to block Seats and etc. That does not mean it will never happen !! Just nothing now !! There is talk of Putting the "Last at Bat show" show in NYC 2014 . That would be the time and Place to shoot a DVD of the show !! People keep writing all over the place on face book , asking the question about a DVD. This is my best answer at the moment !! We right now putting together the Vegas show which starts Sept. 25th.


posted: May 30, 2013

The Farewell tour is over...

From Meat's Facebook page:
Last At Bat 2013

What a great tour and we got to share it with so many wonderful people.

For all of you that came and sang with us and enjoyed the ride, we thank you. And for the years of love, support and friendship, we are so very blessed.

I thank each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart. Don't you ever stop rocking.

posted: May 26, 2013

Last at Bat bootleg reviews

I've updated the DVD and CD bootleg lists and posted reviews from the current bootlegs. In case you're interested you can go to the DVD bootlegs by clicking HERE or visit the CD bootlegs by clicking HERE

posted: May 23, 2013

Zwolle DVD and CD bootlegs

The fantastic show from Zwolle, the Netherlands ha been recorded for the fans. There is both a DVD and audio file of the concert. Meat sounds great. So it's great to be able to see and hear it back


posted: May 22, 2013

DVD bootlegs from Stuttgart and Frankfurt

So many great bootlegs are showing up from this tour. Frankfurt might be the very best with Stuttgart being a good follow up. Both have great sound but Frankfurt also has the best show so far. I will post the reviews later.


posted: May 22, 2013

Personal review on the Last at Bat concerts

What was the best moment and what didn't I like. Why do I believe the emotional parts are acted out and what are my thoughts on the fact that this was Meat Loaf's farewell. If you care what my opinion on these matters are you can

posted: May 18, 2013

Raving reviews for Belfast and Dublin

Meat Loaf continues to perform great shows. Belfast and Dublin had great reviews from the fans. And with just two more shows (the postponed shows from Newcastle and Nottingham) the Last at Bat tour has almost come to a close and already we can call Meat Loaf's farewell to Europe a major success!

The big question now is: Will Meat Loaf continue his tour in America? No dates have been announced so far.

posted: May 18, 2013

Meat Loaf 'makes things right' in the Netherlands

After the two concerts from 2007 and 2008 (which Meat Loaf himself claims to be his two worst ever) he returned to the Netherlands, after 5 years of absence. On Saturday evening the Big guy came to say his farewell to the Dutch fans. With a spectacular 2,5 hour show Meat Loaf did not just give a remembering and impressive show, but also washed away any bad taste that was left from the 07 and 08 performances.

posted: May 12, 2013

Meat Loaf walks off to return in Stuttgart

A lot of German fans got really startled at the concert of 3 May in Stuttgart. Meat Loaf left the stage after 'Life is a Lemon' indicating he couldn't go on. After some discussion in the band they continued the set with Dead Ringer. When Meat didn't return, Patti Russo was the only one singing the duet. After Dead Ringer the band started playing a Queen song when Meat Loaf suddenly returned! He apologized and continued the concert. Meat Loaf clearly didn't feel too well but managed to finish the 2,5 hour show. In fact, the big guy sounded better and better during the performance.

Thanks to a great German fan I was able to listen to this show. He recorded both the complete audio and video of this concert.


posted: May 5, 2013

More bootlegs from Last at Bat

The bootleg from Frankfurt showed up on the internet a few days ago. It's a great concert and the audio is quite nice.


posted: May 5, 2013

Berlin bootleg from Last at Bat

Thanks to a great source I was able to listen to a superb sounding bootleg from the 'Last at Bat' concert from Berlin, Germany. Reviews will be posted later in the bootleg section but I can already say that the quality is a bit better than the London bootleg.


posted: May 2, 2013

Frankfurt sets high standard for the rest of the tour

Last night Meat faced, arguably, the best crowd of the tour so far.  Frankfurt rocked the night away and Meat Loaf seemed to enjoy it. Performing as good if not better than during the UK shows and with a crowd that were overexcited, it seems that this concert is hard to top. Reviews from fans on the German, Dutch and English fan forums are incredibly positive for last night's show. If Meat continues to hold on to this energy the upcoming concerts are going to be a real treat!

posted: Apr 26, 2013

Looking for All Revved Up video

Hello fine visitors of this site. I was wondering if one of you could help me. I'm looking for a video of  "All Revved Up" from any of the last UK shows. If you have it and are willing to share it with me, please e-mail me.

posted: Apr 22, 2013

Germany is next, Meat back in UK in August 2013

With a stunning performance in Cardiff, the UK part for the "Last at Bat" tour came to an end. ...For now. Meat will be back in May for two shows that were added later. Belfast and Dublin (Ireland) and the two shows from Manchester and Nottingham that were postponed.

And in August Meat Loaf will be back in the UK for at least two more shows at the Racecourses in Newmarket on August 16 and  Newbury on August 17. The shows will be approx. 70 minutes long.

Now it's time for Germany to get rocked with a closure in the Netherlands. Both countries have been waiting since 2008 for a Meat Loaf concert and this Thursday Frankfurt will be the first German city to welcome Meat loaf and the Neverland Express.

posted: Apr 22, 2013

Sheffield concert is ON!

From Meat's Facebook account:

"Green light given, bus is rolling, SHEFFIELD we're on our way!

We're so sorry to have had to have postponed the shows but both have been rescheduled:

5/20 Nottingham
5/25 Manchester

Original tickets will still be valid. If you cannot make the dates for any reason please contact the original point of sale.

Thank you all for your get well wishes and love and support

Meat, Band & crew xx"

posted: Apr 18, 2013

New Dates for Nottingham and Manchester concerts

As mentioned earlier Nottingham concert is on Monday May 20th,
the new date for Manchester will be Saturday May 25

posted: Apr 17, 2013

Meat Loaf tours America, South Africa, Indonesia and India

From the article in the Belfast Telegraph:
“We still have to finish the tour which will cover more of America and South Africa and Indonesia and India.”

Read the FULL article by clicking here

posted: Apr 17, 2013

Manchester Concert postponed

Announcement that was made:

Unfortunately not all band members have recovered and the doctors have not given us the green light to go ahead with tomorrow's show as planned. We fully expect the tour to continue on Friday in Sheffield.

A rescheduled date will be announced in the next couple of days. Original tickets will still be valid for the new date. If for any reason you cannot attend the date when announced, please contact the point of sale for a full refund.

Meat, the band and crew are massively disappointed to have to postpone a second show and send love and apologies. Thank you for understanding.

posted: Apr 16, 2013

Nottingham Concert postponed

Announcement that was made:
We are very sorry to announce that tonight's performance has had to be
postponed due to medical reasons afflicting several members of the band


Please retain your original tickets, If for any reason you cannot attend,
please contact the point of sale from tomorrow morning Monday 15 April.

Meat and everyone in the band and crew send love and apologies and thanks
you for understanding.

posted: Apr 14, 2013

Meat Loaf at the 02 Arena London

The concert from April 10 has found it's way to bootleg land. It's the full concert with low quality video and decent sound. Reviews can be found at the DVD bootleg section


posted: Apr 14, 2013

Set list for 'Last at Bat tour'

Well the first concert is over and so we know what set was played by Meat Loaf.

01 Running for the red light
02 Life is a lemon
03 Deadringer for love
04 Break it
05 Los Angeloser
06 Giving tree
07 Objects in the rear view mirror
08 Out of frying pan

------ interval -------

09 Bat out of hell
10 You took he words
11 Heaven can wait
12 All revved up with no place to go
13 Two out of three aint bad
14 Paradise by the dashboard light
15 For crying out loud


16 Anything for love
17 Boneyard

posted: Apr 05, 2013

Dead Ringer Concert DVD bootleg

Combined with footage from different sources, this has been an effort to create the feel of a Dead Ringer Concert. It's welcomed because, so far, a real Dead Ringer concert doesn't exist. With some rare live footage this is a welcome addition to my collection nonetheless. Read a complete review in the DVD Bootleg Section


posted: Apr 01, 2013

Tour dates Ireland pre-sale information

The dates for the Ireland concerts are confirmed. Pre-sale for the o2 in Dublin starts Wednesday February 27.

For more information and tickets go to:
Odyssey Arena Belfast

posted: Feb 25, 2013

Tour dates Ireland

Although not confirmed as we post this, it now seems Ireland also get two concerts for the 'Last at Bat' tour:

Belfast Tuesday May 14
Dublin Friday May 17

posted: Feb 10, 2013


I have removed the youtube link and replaced it with a video section. Now you can watch most of the DVD's from the list. Just GO HERE and if there is a video icon   behind the title, it means you can watch the concert by clicking it.

posted: Jan 20, 2013

WANTED: video(clips) from 2005 and 2012 tour

I am still looking for video images from the Hair of the Dog tour from 2005. Also video from the Mad Mad World Tour from 2012 is still on our wanted list. If you have video that you want to share, please email me

posted: Jan 09, 2013

Tour date list updated

Today I made a big update in the tour dates list. Many new dates were added and the 1983 tour is as good as complete. If you have a date from a Meat Loaf tour that's not in the list, please let me know. You can always email me

posted: Jan 09, 2013

Meet & Greet tickets for Germany available

Ticketmaster.de has now Meet & Greet tickets available. For an additional 175 euro you can now upgrade your concert ticket. Just click here to go to the site

posted: Jan 08, 2013

Mad Mad World Tour 2012 bootleg DVD clips

Two videos from the bootleg DVD of the Mad Mad World Tour. Track 5 (Paradise by the Dashboard Light) and track 10 (Bat Out of Hell). Enjoy


posted: Jan 06, 2013

Mad Mad World Tour 2012 bootleg DVD

The year is starting on a high note. After the Festival of Ballooning bootleg we now have a bootleg DVD with the Mad Mad World concert. The DVD has superb audio and decent video footage.

For a review you can go to the review page HERE . Or you can go to the bootleg DVD list


posted: Jan 06, 2013


From meatloafexperience.com we wish everybody a healthy and happy 2013.

From a Meat Loaf point of view we hope that 2013 brings us a great farewell tour and that many fans may see Meat Loaf live on stage. With the upcoming tour, the possibility of a late Christmas album and lots of other goodies we are sure it's going to be a fan-year to enjoy!

posted: Jan 01, 2013

Festival of Ballooning bootleg DVD

Meat Loaf's performance at the 2011 Festival of Ballooning in New Jersey has been recorded by fans. It's almost an hour show with all the great hits from the past. Picture quality is fair and the audio is nice enough to enjoy the DVD. For a better review you can go to the review page


posted: Jan 01, 2013

2013 Tour dates!

More and more dates are coming out now. Meat Loaf even visits the Netherlands this time around. If this means that Meat will play more countries in Europe is uncertain but it starts to feel like a World Tour

All Dates so far:

Last at Bat Farewell Tour

05 Apr 2013 - Newcastle Arena - UK
07 Apr 2013 - Glasgow SECC - UK
10 Apr 2013 - London O2 - UK
12 Apr 2013 - Birmingham LG Arena - UK
14 Apr 2013 - Nottingham Capital FM Arena - UK
17 Apr 2013 - Manchester Arena - UK
19 Apr 2013 - Sheffiel Motorpoint Arena - UK
21 Apr 2013 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena - UK

25 Apr 2013 -  Frankfurt Festhalle - Germany
28 Apr 2013 - Berlin O2-World - Germany
30 Apr 2013 - München Olympiahalle - Germany
03 Mai 2013 - Stuttgart Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle - Germany
05 Mai 2013 - Hamburg O2-World - Germany
08 Mai 2013 - Oberhausen König-Pilsener-Arena - Germany

11 Mai 2013 - Zwolle IJselhallen - Netherlands

posted: Dec 18, 2012

UK Tour dates  for 2013 Tour!

Some dates are out now

All in April:

Last At Bat Farewell Tour:

Newcastle Arena - 5th
Glasgow SECC - 7th
London O2 - 10th
Birmingham LG Arena - 12th
Nottingham Capital FM Arena - 14th
Manchester Arena - 17th
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena - 19th
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena - 21st

posted: Dec 18, 2012

German Tour dates and ticket sales for 2013 Tour!

German ticket sites have now announced new tour dates and pre-orders for your tickets!

Last At Bat Farewell Tour:

25.04.2013  Frankfurt » Festhalle
28.04.2013  Berlin » O2-World
30.04.2013  München » Olympiahalle
03.05.2013  Stuttgart » Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
05.05.2013  Hamburg » O2-World
08.05.2013  Oberhausen » König-Pilsener-Arena

You can (pre)order your tickets at the following sites!


posted: Dec 12, 2012

Upcoming new CD from Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf announced on his facebook that there is a new CD in the making with the title 'Brave and Crazy' He also mentioned a new tour opening in the UK in April 2013. Further details are not available.

posted: Nov 07, 2012